At first, answer a question, suppose, you need jeans pant of XL size regularly but, you buy one that is L size or XXL size, then would you able to wear it?

The same goes for mountain bikes or other bikes too. You need to choose a perfect frame-sized bike that suits your height.

You have to choose the perfect frame size whenever you are buying a bike. But, the measurements of mountain bikes and other bikes are not the same. Because each type of bikes is made for different purposes.

This question is now araised in your head, right? We are going to answer this question. Want to know?

Let’s move along with us into the depth of the discussion.

What Size Frame Do I Need for a Mountain Bike? Sizing Up or Sizing Down?

To make the thing easier to know what size frame do you need for a mountain bike, at first, we are going to share the size chart of a mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart

This chart will give you the primary knowledge about mountain bike frame size. Here, it is-

Rider’s Height (Inches)Mountain Bike Frame SizeMountain Bike Frame Size (Inches)
4′.10” – 5′.2”XS13” – 14”
5′.3” – 5′.6”S15” -16”
5′.7” – 5′.10”M17” – 18”
5′.11” – 6′.1”L19” – 20”
6′.2” – 6′.4”XL21” – 22”
6′.4” +XXL23” +

We hope, you have now got the primary knowledge about what frame size suits you. You can choose the right frame-sized mountain bike that will help you with pedaling, and will also decrease the back pain while riding.

Almost, every mountain bike has the following size chart, but due to different brands, and other considering facts may affect the frame size. To understand that thing, we need to go into the depth of the discussion. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the facts.

How Do Manufacturers Size the Mountain Bike?

Almost all the manufacturers in the bicycle industry follow the above size chart, and they keep the same frame size.

Well, if we think of the thing as a whole, then we will see to measurement the size of the bike, only the frame size varies but, other things remain the same. By other things, we mean the wheel size, the suspension, and the number of the relative geometry.

But, some brands change these things too according to the bike frame size. They don’t let things the same because they think it will hamper the riding of the users.

The traditional method of sizing the bike is measuring the seat tube length. But, in the current years, the manufacturers don’t follow this method. Instead of this, they are now using the height of lowstandover. That’s why, we now address the bike sizes as small, large, and medium.

Sizing Down or Sizing Up Your Mountain Bike?

When you are at the edge of your size height according to the size chart given by the manufacturer, then what would do now?

Will you go with a down-sized bike or would you go for the upper-sized bike?

To make the decision easy, we are now sharing some benefits of each size. That will help you to choose the right one for you.

  • The longer reach and a longer wheelbase that you will get
  • Your bike will speed up fast compared to others
  • You will not face the problem with pedaling if you have a longer bike
  • The motion and flexibility of the hips will increase

Benefits of having a mountain bike for sizing down it, here, they are-

  • The shorter reach and a shorter wheelbase that you will get
  • You will be able to maintain the aggressive and low riding position
  • If you want to make cycling to an exercise, then this size is for you because it will make to provide more strength and stamina compared to an upper-sizing bike
  • This bike size will help you to ride the bikes for a long time

Well, now, you know the benefits of both sizes of bikes. Now, you have to choose the right one according to your needs and requirements.

Going for the Test Ride of Both Size Bikes

Well, you should take a test ride of a bike of different sizes and different brands. That will help to understand more which size is just perfect for your riding.

To make the thing easier, let us give an example. Suppose if you have two different brands’ shirts of the same size. But, you feel comfortable with one and another is uncomfortable. But, why? Both are of the same size, right? But, there can be slight changes in different brands.

That’s why you need to try a test ride before buying because you don’t want to waste your money after buying a bike that doesn’t make it for you.

Well, we have discussed all the relevant facts about the sizes of mountain bikes. But, to know the thing more clear and easier, you need to know which parts are considered for making the size of bikes. Now, we are going to talk about it.

Mountain Bike Geometry Measurements

As we mentioned before few parts of the mountain bike’s body are needed to be considered to give the size to the bike. And, the whole thing is called Mountain Bike Geometry Measurements.

  1. Reach
  2. Stack
  3. Head or Tube Angle
  4. Lenght of Chainstay
  5. Bracket Height of the Bottom
  6. Wheel-Base

Now, let’s talk about these parts that will help you to understand the whole easily. Let’s not waste any time and jump into the facts.

Reach: The reach is the measurement of the horizontal distance between the center of the head tube and the bracket of the bottom. It is the most important part of the mountain bike size. Because it will decide the riding sitting position of your mountain bike.

Stack: The reach is the measurement of the vertical distance between the center of the head tube and the bracket of the bottom. It is also an important part of the mountain bike size. It will decide handlebar height and the pedaling position.

Head or Tube Angle: Head tube angle or the head angle is the angle between the front fork of the mountain bike and the ground. You need to choose the right one according to your need.

Length of Chainstay: The shorter chainstay length will help you to ride your mountain bike more dynamically. It will help you to ride over the terrain easily. On the other hand, the longer chainstay length ensures stable riding.

Bracket Height of the Bottom: The bracket height of the bottom is the angle between the center of the crank of the mountain bike and the ground. The bottom bracket height is very important for riding more smoothly on the roads or hills.

Wheel-Base: Well, if we want to talk about the wheel-base, then we will need to talk about all the parts that we discussed above. Because the wheel-base depends on the other factors of the bike.

Well, now, we hope you have the proper bike size knowledge and you are now able to choose the right choice for your next ride. Can’t you, dude?

Benefits of Having Mountain Bike

Now, we will share some benefits of a mountain bike. Because after knowing the size measurements of mountain bikes, you should have to know why you will buy a mountain bike.

Without any benefits, why you will spend money on it. Because we don’t want to let you do a loss project. So, you should know why mountain bikes are beneficial.

Here, they are-

  • Improving the health of the heart that will ensure better blood circulation
  • Reducing the joint stress so that your movement will be relaxing
  • Decreasing the risk of diseases
  • Improving mood by reducing mental stress by riding on the hills so that you can have a healthy mental health
  • Increasing the power of the brain that is important for making decision correct and easier
  • Helping for whole body workout so that you will further exercise
  • Improving the coordination and balance
  • Making the sleeping better

Our Verdict:

We hope, now, you have got the answer to what size frame do I need for a mountain bike, right?

We tried our level best to bring all the relevant facts in front of you and make you understand the thing more easily. Through our research, we have got to know that the size depends on your comforts.

Suppose, your height suits the XL size bikes but, you are very comfortable with L size, then you should go for the L size. That’s all we want to say to you guys in short.

If you want to know more and have queries, then knock us. You can send mail or throw a comment in the comment section. Best of luck.

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