What Size Bicycle Do I Need For My Child – Complete Guide For Kids Bike Sizes

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What Size Bicycle Do I Need For My Child

No matter whether avoiding traffic jams or improving your health, learning to ride a bicycle is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself. According to a survey by Statista, 4.5 million kids are learning to ride a bicycle every year.

It’s increasing every year like a skyrocket of Space-X. And not to wonder it’s the reason why you are here.

So it’s your question that what size bicycle do I need for my child?

Let me tell you, choosing an ideal bike for your kid isn’t that hard. But there are some major key points that you should look at.

And also we will talk about some simple but crucial mistakes that most parents make before buying a bicycle for their children.

At the end of this article, you will know how to choose a bicycle for your lovely kids by avoiding any kind of mistake.

What Size Bicycle Do I Need For My Child?

So what are the things that you need to consider before buying? Let’s dive into it. In the last part of this sizing guide, we attached the avoiding tips for you.

1. Wheel size is the main key factor 

The perfect wheel makes bike riding easy for beginners. And the size of the wheels plays a vital role here. No matter if you are a pro biker or just a kid, wrong size wheels can make you feel uncomfortable while riding. Hence, we’ve added a wheel sizing guide to make sure that you are getting the ideal one for your kid.

2. Child Bike Frame Size Chart 2022

Kids Bike Size Chart: Remember, this is just an opening point. Use this chart to get a general sense of which size bike your child needs?

Wheel SizeAgeHeightInseam
10″1.5-3 years2″- 3`4″13-17
12″3-4 years3`1″-3`7″16-20
14″3.5-5 years3`5″-4`0″17-22
16″4-5 years3`7″-4`0″18-22
20″5-8 years4`0″-4`5″22-25
24″8-11 years4`3″-4`9″24-28
26″9-13+ years4`7″-and up24- and up

3. It depends on their height and inseam

While we added a size chart based on their age, we request you not to follow it blindly. Because wheel size doesn’t depend on their age. There are several other key points that you must need to consider.

Because at the same age a boy/girl could be tall or short. Always try to choose a bicycle according to its height and the inseam measurement. Because it’s important to find itself comfortable for beginners.

4. One foot on the floor/ One foot on the paddle

So how do you know that your bike is the right size for kids?

The first thing you need to look at is when they sit on the saddle, one foot should be on the floor and the other foot on the pedal. Not just it, their knee (the pedal knee) should slightly be bent. It’s the same as a bike for adults.

5. Both feet on the ground is the best for new learner

Choose a bicycle where your kid can reach the ground with both feet. It improves their stability of riding. Stability prevents your child from a lot of cycling injuries. However, make sure your bike’s saddle isn’t too low to maintain stability.

Because it can make his pedaling extra hard which you might not like. And also, it could make his balancing extra hard for a ride which we don’t prefer.

For less than 3 years old, we prefer you to choose balance bikes for them. These types of bikes are slightly different. The bike’s saddle should be sat at a position where your child can get both feet flat on the ground and still have a slight bend on the knee.

6. Their hand on the break should easily reachable

While you are trying to choose the right size, you should also pay attention to other parts of it. Breaks, pedals, and gears are some of the most important parts that you should look at. Your children’s hands should easily reachable to break and gears.

It gives them more confidence which is directly connected to the human psychology of learning. And also they should easily pull the levers on. It just not only gives them confidence, it also lets them act in an emergency moment.

3 Things That You Should Avoid For Choosing The Right Bike

Choosing The Right Bike

While there are a lot of features that improve a bike’s performance, there are also several things that could be adverse to it. The best job you can do for yourself is to avoid them.

These 3 things that you should avoid before buying a bicycle if you want the ideal one.

1. Don’t follow the size chart blindly

You can find a lot of size measurement charts on the internet if you search the query “Bicycle size chart” on Google. Everyone has different points of view. So not to wonder, every chart won’t be the same as the other one.

Size charts are for giving you a general idea about bicycles. Very rare but sometimes it’s possible that you are getting the wrong one if you follow low-trusted online size charts blindly. So how to avoid this problem? Simple! By testing yourself no matter at home or the local shop.

2. Bigger bicycle is not friendly for your child

Some fake myths exist like bigger wheeled bikes help children to learn balancing faster than the smaller ones. Which is not true. You should always choose a bike that is comfortable for your kid.

At least one foot should be reachable to the ground. As we told you at the first, it not only gives them confidence while riding, It also protects them from several kinds of injuries. Not so big or not so small, choose the bike that your kid loves.

3. Only size doesn’t matter

Though this post is only about the bicycle sizing guide, we would love to tell you something more. Sizing is one of the vital factors from multiple other key points of buying.

Look at its features, specs, and types to confirm your ideal choice. Open frame, suspension, brakes, contact points, and drivetrain are the most considered parts that you need to look at before buying.

Necessity Of Bicycling For Your Kid in 2022

In today’s world, bicycling is one of the most must-have skills that you should learn. Why? Because it has transportation benefits, health benefits, and it’s easy to learn. As we told you at the first, 4.5 million new kids are learning cycling every year. And surprisingly that the number reached 12.2 million in 2020.

Obviously, COVID-19 has played a vital role here to grow the number. But the main reason is, everyone started worrying about their heart. So the reason why you need to bicycle is:

  • It helps you to improve your health condition
  • A very fun and entertaining way to get a good fitness
  • You can avoid the daily traffic jam on a busy road
  • Has less injury count compared to a motorbike
  • It’s easy to learn

Starting with health benefits, cycling increases your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, joint mobility, coordination, and posture. From my personal experience, it keeps you cool and anxiety-free by giving you mental boosts.

I personally ride my favorite Strider – 14x Sport Balance Bike every morning 365 days a year. And I started doing it in the last 5 years after reading an extraordinary book called “The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg“. Which is a book about making good habits by excluding bad ones. And I have noticed a huge improvement in myself including a stress-free mind.

So it will be a great-good decision for you to teach bicycling skills to your kids at the very beginning of his/her age.

(Safety Tips): Make Sure They Are Wearing Proper Safeguard While Cycling

As a new learner, children will fail to ride for an uncountable time. As you know bicycling isn’t a heavy injurious sport, but even a simple injury for adults could be huge for toddlers.

Make sure they are using proper safety gear like helmets, hand gloves, boots, etc. while riding. And you have the responsibility to take care of their safety.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How do I know what size bike my child needs?

Ans: Take their height and inseam measurement to get an idea about the size. Then follow the size chart which we’ve added at the very beginning of this size guide.

Q: Is a 20-inch bike too big for a 6-year-old?

Ans: A kind of yes. If your kid’s height is between 42 to 48 inches with an inseam of 20 to 24 inches, an 18-inch wheel will be best for him/her.

Q: Can a woman ride a 24-inch bike?

Ans: Yes. If her heights are 5.4″ and below then she can ride a 24-inch bike.

Q: What type of bike is best for me?

Ans: A comfortable bike that has good specs like seats, brakes, pedal, gear, etc will be best for you. Must look at its durability to make sure its long-lasting time.

Also, Don’t Forget To Check,

Final Verdict, About Your Child’s Bicycle Size:

A bike should be fun and enjoyable to ride for children. In childhood, everyone loves what they found interesting. So choose a bicycle that fits them properly. They need to find it comfortable.

The size chart that we’ve added can give you an idea about your kid’s bike size. We’ve collected this data from a community of thousands of kids who are learning to ride a bicycle in 2021.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our size guide for your child. Happy Cycling In a Safe Way!

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