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What is a BMX bike? Characteristics of BMX bikes Review in 2022

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What is a BMX bike?

Its origin dates back to the 1970s in California, a time when motocross was all the rage. The fans of this discipline wanted to imitate the practice on dirt tracks, but with bicycles, and that’s how BMX or Bike Motocross was born.

Although it was born on the dirt tracks, today, BMX also encompasses a variety of acrobatic disciplines such as dirt, park, freestyle, and flatland. It is classified as an extreme sport, and each variant is practiced under different conditions, on tracks, with ramps, etc.

Characteristics of BMX bikes

Characteristics of BMX bikes

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Bmx Bike handlebar

BMXs use riser bar-type handlebars with a crossbar to give greater strength and resist the impacts of jumps. The most basic position of the handlebar or handlebar on a BMX bike is parallel to the fork or fork.

However, depending on personal taste or the performance you are looking for, it can be tilted forward a little to allow a more excellent extension of the arms but loads more weight in the front part. Conversely, leaning it back will give you more control but reduces the space between rider and bike.

As for the width, a helpful parameter is that it should be approximately the width of the user’s shoulders. It is possible to find handlebars of different heights. In addition to that, you can play with the height of the stem.

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BMX frames

BMX frames are compact compared to other types of bikes. Its seat tube is short to allow enough space between rider and bike, necessary for jumps and stunts. For obvious reasons, these frames are very strong and can be made of steel (hi-ten and Chromoly) and aluminum.

The wheels

BMX rims or rims can be single-walled or double-walled; They are armed with resistant hubs, generally with spokes/spokes, although there are some wheels made of nylon. The rear hub can be freewheel or cassette with 16, 14 sprockets (freewheel) up to only eight teeth (Cassette).

The tires/tires must offer good grip and traction depending on the discipline that is practiced. The pattern can be smooth or with studs for loose terrain, and its width can range from 1.75 to 2.25. The most widely used diameter is 20 ″, although there are brands like Haro that handle 24 ″ models. There are also 16 ″ and 18 ″ children’s BMXs.


BMX bikes are single-speed bikes. Until not long ago, the most common ratio for BMX bikes was 44 teeth on the chainring and 16 teeth on the sprocket, but today you can find: 42/15, 39/14, 36/13, 25/9, and 8/22. In stunt BMX, having small chainrings and sprockets gives more space which makes certain tricks easier.

Advantages and disadvantages of BMX bikes


  • They are very resistant bikes.
  • They have excellent maneuverability.
  • They require less maintenance by having a speed.
  • BMX is a popular entertainment throughout the world.


  • Not suitable for long trips
  • They are not designed for pedaling in the saddle. It may not be the most comfortable.

Who are BMXs ideal for?

These bikes are super fun if used for what they are designed for. They are ideal for those who like to practice motocross by bike or any other acrobatic branches. Because they have a low frame, they are very good bicycles for those who are just starting to ride a bike. Hence many children’s bicycles use this geometry.

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