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6 Movies Every Mountain Biker Needs To See

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Movies Every Mountain Biker Needs To See

Without a doubt, watching movies to motivate ourselves is a good tool to activate that spark of adventure.

In this article, you will find the movies that every mountain biker has to see to find that motivation that will push us every day to go out and ride and conquer the trails.

Death Grip (2017)


A great movie that you can find on Netflix, 53 minutes full of adrenaline and shocking images, telling the story of different trips around the world.

This film brings together great mountain biking talents, starring Brendan Fairclough and accompanied by Brandon Semenuk, Josh Bryceland, Sam Reynolds, Ryan Howard, Nico Vink, Andrew Neethling, Kyle Jameson, and Olly Wilkins. This documentary redefines the way of making cycling documentaries, challenging the limits of human potential, creativity, and new technologies.

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Life Cycles (2010)


If this movie was only analyzed for the typeface it uses, many people would not have seen it. But the reality that this film has an incredible production, where they describe the bicycle from its creation to becoming transport, like life, as a movement.

They show us the cycles of creation and natural destruction of anything. Incredible landscapes and stories. They were mixed with a soundtrack worth wearing in our shooting days.

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Where the trial ends (2013)


Can you imagine riding down trails that have never been laid out and hitting big jumps and tricks? This film shows you how the mountain can be conquered with a bicycle, capturing the challenge between a man and nature. The Freeride shows us this ambitious film with risk and adventurer who can become.

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unREAL (2015)


It is time to get away from everything we know as real and to open our minds to the unknown to the unreal. Escape from the daily routine and experience the wild side of mountain biking through this film. Everything you imagine can come true from a bicycle seat.

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Race Across the sky (2009)


A classic for those lovers of Cross Country, this film that is 10 years after its release is a “must” to know the history of the mountain biking race known as Leadville Trail 100.

For his time, he used the best production resources. This movie has many motivational stories that will motivate you to get on your bike after watching it. We can see faces like those of Lance Armstrong, Dave Wiens, and Rebecca Rusch.

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Path finder (2015)


A film with the best landscapes you can see in Eastern Europe, a journey through gorges in the Polish mountains of Bieszczady, Romania, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through its characters, we see how the All-mountain / enduro is an adventure where improvisation within the trail is elementary when going down trails never seen or even never rolled. Fun and adventure in full swing.

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