How To Lose Weight Cycling In A Fun Way? Guide For Weight Loss in 2022

Can you imagine a way to exercise that is economical, does not demand space in your schedule and where the effort does not feel like such? This is not an infomercial, nor am I offering miracle products. It’s about urban cycling, an option at your fingertips. Or, well, off your feet.

How To Lose Weight Cycling In A Fun Way : Cycling tips for weight loss 

Here We Share Few Cycling Tips for Weight Loss In 2022 and in a Fun Way.

Losing weight is not a punishment:

There are no secrets to losing weight. There are only two scientifically proven ways to do it:

  • Eat fewer calories
  • Increase our physical activity

Both paths are complementary since they seek that our body uses the “energy reserve” (that is, body fat) that does not allow us to close our pants.

The best option to consume fewer calories is to go to a nutritionist who, in addition to giving you a personalized diet, will guide you to “relearn” healthy ways of eating. And so far, so good.

The problem comes when it comes to talking about increasing physical activity. Although there are endless options, the vast majority are not compatible with your work or school schedules, personality, interests, or even budget. Otherwise, you most likely would have already done it.

Many physical activities seem like punishment, where it is suffering that burns calories, not exercise. But things don’t have to be this way.

Riding your bike to work or school, to the supermarket, and anywhere else can become the ideal low-impact physical activity to lose weight without disturbing your routine too much, spending a lot of money, or living with people who take selfies between series and series of exercises.

It’s not magic. It’s urban cycling!

The simple act of reading this article is causing you to burn calories. Unfortunately, not enough to lose a size. The same happens when you make your daily trips by car. In each one, you are burning calories, but not enough. This changes dramatically if you ride a bike instead of using a car or public transportation.

Now, losing weight and traveling by bike is not magic. Cycling for just a couple of days is not enough. It requires, like all things that bear fruit, perseverance.

However, by its nature, it is a pleasant activity that does not feel like “exercising.” Ultimately, you are not stuck in a room doing repetitive activities, but you are out there, making your life and reconnecting with your city.

Tips to hack your daily commutes

In short, doing your daily bike rides is a fun way to lose weight. However, it requires becoming a habit. To achieve this, I share five tricks that can help you:

1. Start small

Aiming to cycle overnight every day, especially if you’re a beginner, can end up exhausting you and becoming unpleasant. Like everything that we do not like, it can end up relegated. To avoid this, start small. Make up your mind to go one or two days by bike first. As your stamina and confidence increase, it will be easier to step into three, the entire workweek, and even longer distances in your free time or on weekends.

2. Gradually expand your journeys.

Dismissal times from the office or school are ideal for taking longer and longer routes on the way home. Take a detour to go to the supermarket or for the pleasure of discovering new routes and neighborhoods. The longer you pedal, the more calories you burn!

3. Share the experience

Does anyone else make similar journeys? Then begins the work of “evangelization” in cycling. Riding in the company is not only safer and more fun, but it also strengthens your habits! Another option is to find out if the cycling organizations in your city have rides or rides. The experience of traveling in a group is unique and, generally, they are willing to receive “cyclocross”.

4. Download an app to measure your journeys

Many runners publish how many kilometers they run in each exit. Why not share your routes with your friends? It is not a matter of vanity. It is a way to motivate yourself. Knowing with an app how much you traveled awakens your competitive self and helps you want to go more kilometers in less time or go further week by week.


5. Enjoy!

In a short time, you will notice that pedaling everywhere is as natural to you as watching a series, checking your social networks when you wake up or reading a book in the bathroom. Pay attention to the joys that urban cycling offers; how to get to know your city better or enjoy the weather – even the rain, believe it or not! Remember, the important thing is the path, not the goal.

Our Verdict:

Hopefully, after these tips, the idea of ​​using the bike to lose those extra kilos will start to spin in your head. With a little consistency, staying in shape will become an integral part of your daily life.

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