How to Convert a Bike to Electric : Step-by-Step Guide In 2022

You have a traditional bicycle and you are thinking to convert it into an electric one, then this article is for you. You are going to learn all the facts related to how to convert a bike to an electric one.

We will discuss which bike kits you will need for the conversion and how easily you can implement them. Even your old bike needs painting and other traditional stuff too then do all these things with the conversion that’s our suggestion.

How to Convert a Bike to Electric? Sounds Nice, Right? Let’s Know About It

Well, first, you have to think about the cost. So, how to calculate the cost for effective uses, let’s know that. You need to find out which type of rider you are, your basic needs, and how & where you are going to ride your bike.

Then, according to your needs, you have to convert a traditional bike to an electric one and that will be more effective for you.

We suggest finding the needs first and then converting them. Because you can buy the kits at a low price from the market but after converting, you may find the bike is not fulfilling your needs. Then, it will be a loss. So, do the conversion in an effective way.

Let’s know some basics.

What is a Road Bike?

A road bike is a bicycle that is designed to take you as far as you want with the help of your leg peddling. This bike is good for physical exercise and they are also good for touring or racing too.

What is an Electric Bike?

The electric bike is commonly known as the e-bike that is designed with an electric motor that makes your riding easy because you will not need to peddle. The bike also uses rechargeable batteries to start the motor for producing power.

Some Steps of Converting a Bicycle to E-Bike

Here, we will discuss the basic conversion step by step of a traditional bike to an electric one. You may do a much better conversion with higher costs according to your needs.

Step-01: Collecting the E-Bike Kit 

  • You will have a rear-wheel motor in the kit. If you are a regular user then 500 watts continuous power motor will be okay. But, if you want to ride hills then it will have to be 1,200 watts with peak power.
  • Then, a controller will be there. The motor must need a 22 amp, continuous controller.
  • You will get a thumb-operated throttle, brake lever with kill switches, and an on/off switch. Well, the brake levers will have the kill switches but as we are going to use the thumb-operated throttle, we will need that kill switch or extra wiring too. Using them separately will be an advantage that you will understand later.
  • A battery to control cable will be in the package.
  • The kit also comes with nylon battery bags and let us inform you that the battery instructions clearly warn you to not use these bags for the battery.

Step-02: Arranging & Making Perfect the Donor Bike

Sturdy Frame: You must ensure that the donor bike must be a sturdy frame. It’s true that a cheaper bike can be a good electric bike from the using motor using perspective. But, if you want your bike for both motor and peddle useable then you must go for a good frame.

Mountain Bike Frame: For a good frame quality, you can use a mountain bike frame because its build quality will be better compared with other bikes.

Painting: If you are done with selecting the frame then if the bike needs painting then do this. Don’t use spray paint because they are not durable and quality is not also good. Do use high-quality paints.

Step-03: Installing the Rear Wheel Motor

Motor & Wheel: Installing the motor is quite a difficult task. If you notice then you will see the wheel and motor are very strong, well-built, and more durable.

Blending & Shaping the Frame: Well, first, take the frame and place it on the ground and pull it out a little bit. You will not believe it but it will work. You will notice that you can easily blend the frame by pulling itout but it will be very difficult to push back this into its previous position.

Aluminum Shim: The kit comes with a single fat aluminum shim. But for perfect use and installation, you will need 5 aluminum shim. So, you will need to collect them from the market. Because, if the shims are not used properly then, the gears will hit your bike’s frame.

Step-04: Installing the Switch

Removing Handlebar Grips: Installing switches are not a difficult task. At first, you will need to remove your bike’s old handlebar grips. We can share a simple trick to remove these old grips that is using soapy water after removing the screws with a screwdriver. While using the soapy water, you have to wriggle gently. Slowly the grips will come out.

Removing the Old Gear Shifter: Before removing the old gear shifter, you have decided where you will mount the switches. You have to try to mount the switch as close as possible which is near to the brake lever or gear lever.

Mounting On/Off Switch: You can mount the on/off switch to the other handlebar.

Setting the Wire: After mounting the switches, you have to dress the wires in the motor area. You must make sure you let some space around your bike’s headset or a headtube. So that your bike’s handlebar can easily be turned from one side to another side.

Step-05: Installing the Battery Box

Choosing the Type of Box: At first, you have to choose a strong box so that it can save your battery from any kind of drop, dent, or any other injury. Remember, this box is the only protection for your bike’s battery.

Measuring the Box: You have carefully measured how much room you will need. Then according to the measurement, you have to arrange the box or you can buy it from any marketplace.

Installing the Box: We would suggest that you may install this battery box in the rear part of the bike. This rear installation will give you some benefits too. Make sure that you have installed it very strongly and it will be very durable.

Connecting the Wires to the Battery: For this, first, you will need to cut a slot in the battery box. With protection for the wires, you have to make a connection of them with the controller very carefully.

Step-06: Lining the Battery

Using Foam or Other Insulator: For lining the battery box, you may use foam or other insulator. This thing will help you with great padding.

Making Sure There is No Empty Space: After padding with foam the insulator, you have to cross-check that there is no empty space in the box.

Noting the Position of Battery & Controller: Make sure that the battery and controller both are positioned perfectly so that while using the brake they will not hit each other.

Step-07: Finishing the Setup &Testing

Testing on Roads: After completing the above steps, you have to take out your new e-bike on the road to test. Because, on the roads,the bike can give the best performance while testing.

Adjusting Gears & Brakes: Well, though it is a new step so, the gears and the rear brakes may take time to adjust to working properly.

Making Sure the Best Output: You have to make sure that the bike is able to show and give its best output while you are testing or riding it. And, if you find so then your conversion is successful and admire yourself for it.

How Does an Electric Bike Work?

Well, many of you may have a question like how an electric bike works or something like that. The main difference between a traditional bicycle and an e-bike is that one has to be peddled to move and another modern has a motor which produces power to move by itself.

Most of the parts of both bikes are the same, there is no difference between them. Well, then why you should use an e-bike?

Because, it will reduce your energy loss and you can smoothly move anywhere you want. This bike will help you ride for a long time, riding on the hills, etc.

Final Verdict :

We really support and appreciate those people who love changes and conversion for new things. And, for that, our this article is on how to convert a bike to electric for the bike lovers.

If you are bored of riding a traditional bike and want to experience something new in riding then it will help you.

To know more feel free to knock us. You can mail us or throw a comment in the comment section. Best of luck change lovers.

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