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5 Common Mistakes When Using The Gears On Your Bike In 2022

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Common Mistakes When Using The Gears On Your Bike

In this article, we are going to reveal 5 Common Mistakes When Using The Gears On Your Bike………….

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So, we did this thing for you guys…

Since its invention, the bicycle has been a vehicle that has not stopped evolving. And one of those great technological changes that it has undergone precisely has been the gear changes or speeds. And since then, nothing has been the same again.

Undoubtedly, one of the great changes that the bicycle underwent and that allows us to conceive of cycling as we know it today is the invention of the system of changes or speeds in its transmission.

First were the internal gears, which the British bicycle manufacturer Raleigh patented in 1895. These consisted of three speeds or gears inside the hub; Some years later, there came the external changes that have been the most used by riders in the road and competitive cycling and whose origin we attribute to the ingenuity of the Italian Francesco Ghiggini in 1941 – in those years, Tullio Campagnolo, also began to develop various gear systems.

The changes of speeds or gears on the bicycle have actually been the mechanism that has made our pedaling more efficient, taking us further and faster with less effort regardless of hills or slopes. And yet, not all of us know how to use them correctly.

Common Mistakes When Using The Gears On Your Bike In 2022– Honest Guiding

So if you are learning to use the gears of your bike or you learned to ride it a short time ago, I will tell you what the most common mistakes we make when we do not know how to use them are, and it taught you what you should do to avoid making those mistakes.

Common Mistakes When Using The Gears On Your Bike

Common Mistakes When Using The Gears On Your Bike


1. Make the changes with the exercise bike (without it in motion)

Some of us make the mistake of shifting with the bike stopped. Shifting should always be done with the bike’s pedals in motion, and when shifting, decrease the frequency and intensity of your pedaling to help shift gears more smoothly.

2. Make changes at the wrong time

This is one of the most common mistakes we make when using the gear changes on our bikes.

To avoid an inappropriate moment when shifting gears, you should watch the road and anticipate the gear change before you really need it. That is if you are about to enter a hill, perform the gear change before entering it.

Yes, you can do them while you are facing the slope, but always without putting tension on the chain. Prepare yourself by placing the chain on the small chainring and gradually going up -as you need it- to the larger sprockets, but always trying to do it one by one to avoid forcing the chain and it from coming off or even breaking.

 3. Cross the chain too much

When shifting gears, you should never use the small chainring in conjunction with the smallest sprocket, just as you should never use the large chainring with the largest sprocket.

Crossing the chain of our transmission in these positions will force the operation of the entire transmission system, which is not good because it wears it out and can even force the chain to come off the chainring or the sprocket and block the entire transmission.

It is advisable to cross the chain as little as possible when making a gear change.

4. Change gears quickly

When you make this mistake, you are causing the chain to skip, which can cause the transmission to jam with the chain derailment or the rear derailleur to bind with the spokes of the wheel, potentially causing you to fall. Be careful with this and remember to make changes one at a time and smoothly.

If the chain comes off the chainrings, as well as any of the sprockets, you can help it return to its correct position, pedaling in reverse but slowly until the chain is slack. If the chain gets caught between the gear teeth or the rear derailleur is caught by the spokes of the rim, remove the bike and pull the chain slowly to avoid further damage to the parts. If this does not work, it will be time to use the chain cutter to free it.

5. Not using the right speed at the right time

To avoid this, it is necessary that you know – at least in a general way – the right gear to pedal downhill, uphill, and at full speed.

In climbs

You should use a small chainring and a large sprocket as a base, and from there, depending on the cadence of your pedaling, you will make the adjustment that you require in the gear change. That combination or gear ratio will also help you get going without much effort.

In descents

Large plate and small pinion and the same procedure.

At full speed

Large plate with small pinion and good legs.

Also, Don’t Forget To Check,

Last Words: 

It will also be good if you read this text, where it is explained in greater detail what the gears or speeds of your bike are in: “Know the gear system of your bike.” As well as this other one: “How to Shift Gears on a Bike for Dummies: Guideline In 2022.”

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