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10 Places You Must Pedal Before You Die | 🚲 Bicycle Travel Guide 2022

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Bicycle Travel Guide 2022

While you are reading this text, surely there are thousands of people knowing wonderful places by bicycle. Maybe many more.

A wise man once said: “To be happy in this life you only need three things: Something to do, someone to love, and a bike to pedal.” I would choose that life, and you?

The reasons?

There are no reasons.

Who needs reasons when you have a bicycle to travel the world?

Taking into account that each bicycle trip is a unique experience for the cyclist who makes it, it would be impossible to try to house in this text, all those beautiful corners that this huge and beautiful planet that we call Earth has.

And for this reason, I will try the difficult task of making a selection with the 10 places where every cyclist must pedal before dying.

1. L’Eroica Italy


To attend L’Eroica, all you need is to have a bon vivant soul and pedal the 200 kilometers of Italian roads that make it up, riding a bicycle that predates 1987;

Since legend has it that during this cycling route, they throw stones at anyone who approaches less than 50 km with a carbon bicycle, electronic gearboxes, and other heresies.

On this cycling tour, there are no energy drinks. It is coffee and wine that these cycling lovers hydrate. There are no energy bars, it is the cheese and the meat, which are consumed during the route.

There is no talk about the brands on your Strava, or average speeds, power, or any of those data that are so important on the routes today. Here, we only talk about good food, good drinking, old bicycles, and the beauty of the landscape.

  • Bike type: road, manufactured before 1987
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Place: Italian Tuscany
  • Best date to do it: October

2. Titan Desert, Morocco  

Titan Desert, Morocco

Titan Desert, Morocco

The Titan Desert is a mountain biking event based on the philosophy of the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Cyclists compete for 6 days in the Moroccan Sahara (the route varies according to the year), with few signposted routes, where navigation and orientation play a fundamental role. The hardness of the test is marked by the long-distance of the 6 stages (750 kilometers) that make up this titanic challenge by bike through the desert.

  • Bike type: mountain
  • Difficulty: medium-high
  • Place: Moroccan Sahara
  • Best date to do it: April-May

3. The Baja Divide, US, Mexico

Baja Divide

Baja Divide

Ideal for cyclists who love challenges, although it is actually suitable for anyone who is a bicycle enthusiast.

The Baja Divide is a route of 2736km of travel (but you can make your route as you want), which crosses the entire Baja California peninsula, starting from San Diego in the State of California, in the United States of North America, to San José del Cabo in Baja California, Mexico,

  • Bike type: mountain (recommended 3 ″ wide)
  • Difficulty:  intermediate-advanced
  • Location: Baja California, Mexico
  • Best date to do it: October – March

4.Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni

The largest salty desert in the world. Ideal for cyclists looking to enjoy free pedaling, taken to its best. Thanks to its flat terrain it can be navigated on two wheels in any direction.

  • Type of bike: mountain or touring
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Place: Bolivian Altiplano

Best date to do it: Bolivian summer (January -February), since the rains flood the salt flat and a mirror effect -giant- is glimpsed where it is not known if it is the sky or the earth that is reflected in the sky.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

With 60% of trips made by bicycle, this destination is undoubtedly the epicenter of urban cycling in the world. Bike lanes, bike lanes, and specific traffic signs, for the cyclist this is one of the places that you cannot miss to ride a bike.

  • Type of bicycle: urban or any type
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Location: Amsterdam Holland

The best date to do it: is April, but any date before September, which is when winter begins to make itself felt, is suitable.

6. Mallorca, Spain


Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. A coveted destination for cyclists from all over the world. Some of the best teams participating in the Tour France, such as Sky, train here. But from February to May, you will also find packages to participate in all-inclusive cycling camps, even high-end bicycles can be rented.

  • Bike type: road
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Place: Spain
  • Best date to do it: February-May

7. Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Whistler, Canada

Whistler Mountain Bike Park is open

Whistler Mountain Bike Park is open

According to the lawyers on the subject, Whistler is possibly the most famous bike park in the world of Downhill and Freeride. This park has about 80 kilometers of paths and tracks of different difficulties for each type of cyclist. Something that brings Whistler closer to a cycling paradise is that it has a network of hotels – for all types of budgets – ideal for planning a vacation dedicated to just riding a bike.

  • Bike type:   mountain, downhill
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Location: Whistler, Canada

Best date to do it: summer – although it is more expensive – but any time before the icy Canadian winter will be fine.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is made for bicycles. Copenhagen has 350km of safe bike lanes separated from car traffic – in addition, in no time and by bicycle you can reach the beaches, forests, parks, and other attractions outside the city. Here it is common to see elegantly dressed men and women riding their bikes – very few people wear helmets and much fewer wear lycra- Taking the bike on the Metro or on the train is as simple as boarding it, and besides that, it is free to take your bike, but you will have to manage a special ticket for the bike.

  • Bike type: all kinds
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Best date to do it: May-September

9. Willamette River, Portland, Oregon

Willamette River

Willamette River

An excellent trail for the urban cyclist and a great way to see the city’s famous bridges, this mostly flat ride runs through the areas south of downtown Portland, which is one of the cities with the greatest cycling culture in the union. American.

  • Bike type: all
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Location: Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

10.The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, in the northwest of Spain, is in fact a network of roads or routes that have as their final destination the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.  No, you do not have to profess any religion to be able to enjoy this route that, in the Middle Ages, was traveled by pilgrims who went to see the relics of the Apostle Santiago, and which today is ideal for cycling.

At present, these roads have become a must for adventure cyclists, being able to design routes that range from 100 to 800 kilometers.

  • Type of bicycle: mountain or touring, they are ideal, but in reality, you can do it even in folding.
  • Difficulty: all levels
  • Location: Galicia, Spain
  • Best date to do it: September – April

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