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How Can The Bicycle Save The Planet From Climate Change

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How Can The Bicycle Save The Planet From Climate Change

According to a report on climate change presented by the United Nations (UN) recently, one of the ways to save our world from environmental imbalance will be for more people to use bicycles as a means of transportation.

The group of scientists who advise the UN on climate change affirms that we have accelerated the destabilization of our climate and that we are on our way to a 3-degree increase in the planet’s temperature.

What would have disastrous consequences for humans throughout the world, but all is not lost, because the scientists who are members of the Panel assure that walking and using the bicycle to carry out our transfers are an effective way to help save the planet’s climate change.

What does the IPCC report say about climate change? 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations (UN) issued a forceful and far-reaching report on the impact of global warming on the lives of all the inhabitants of the planet since they set a date for the catastrophe in 2040, a period located within the lifetime of the majority of the world’s population.

It assures that a difference of only half a degree in temperature would have devastating consequences for our planet and its inhabitants. With this increase in temperature, the growing areas for food will be reduced by millions of hectares and will increase by millions.

The number of people who will be exposed to floods and other natural disasters such as droughts, among others, so is increasingly urgent to limit the increase in global temperature to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius, warned the Intergovernmental Panel on the UN Climate Change (IPCC).

In fact, according to the report, we are currently on our way to an increase of 3 ° C, well above the maximum of 2 ° C contemplated by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

A maximum that, according to scientists, also seems less and less desirable. And the time to act is running out, they say in the IPCC report, a report that has been described as “a last call” to save the Earth and its inhabitants from an imminent environmental catastrophe.

Cycling could help save the planet, says IPCC climate report.

But fortunately, there is a very simple and effective way to reduce this imminent ecological disaster, because according to the report published a few days ago and replicated by various news media around the world,

one of the ways to save our planet will be that more and more people make your transfers on foot or by bicycle to reduce motor vehicle trips, as these are responsible for around 70% of air pollution emissions that contribute to the formation of tropospheric ozone, associated with serious cardiopulmonary diseases in humans and the destabilization of the planet’s ecosystems.

Restrict the use of cars to mitigate climate change

Professor Jim Skea, who is co-chair of the IPCC and co-chair of the report, stressed that policymakers must understand, and quickly, the “unprecedented nature of the changes that are required if we are to limit warming to 1.5 ° C.

“. The Sustainable Energy Professor at Imperial College London added that this means “major changes in the energy systems we use, changes in the way we use the planet’s land, urbanization of cities, and changes in the way we use the planet’s land. in which we move with the transport”.

“Governments will have to change tactics in the way they manage energy, land use and urbanization, but individuals also have to change their lifestyles, walking or cycling rather than driving and driving. stop relying so much on fossil fuels,” says Skea.

For her part, Dr. Debra Roberts, another of the report’s co-responsible scientists, added: “It is not about science, it is about something simpler and within everyone’s reach” and added that “we can choose where we live and work to do more sustainable the way we move in cities.

Walking and using the bicycle for our mobility in the city is something that is within everyone’s reach”, he stated.

In turn, the IPCC report classifies cycling and walking as “non-motorized transport” and says that “the viability of this is based on the links with public transport, cultural factors, climate and geography.”

Bicycle Save The Planet From Climate Change

There are many mitigation tactics, but what the report calls “pathways,” we will all have to adapt if we want our planet to remain livable, and among them are more walking and biking.

Among the 6,000 scientific references cited in the report are studies on car restriction policies and the potential of bike-sharing systems to get people out of cars. According to the report, an estimated 800 cities worldwide have operational plans for shared bike systems.

Likewise, it adds that London’s congestion charging scheme helped pay to deploy protected cycling routes. The kilometers traveled per vehicle in the charging zone decreased by 15% since 2003, the first year it operated. And 6% more a year later.

At the same time, CO2 emissions from automotive traffic had been reduced by 20% by 2008. The risks of not acting quickly could not be greater. And climate scientists are calling for multiple revolutions in the way we live our lives: consume less meat, fly less in airplanes, and above all, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and the solution, as scholars say, is in Our legs, yes, replacing as much as possible moving around in automobiles and choosing to walk, ride a bicycle and use public transport,

which although much of it still depends on fossil fuels, due to the number of cars it substitutes compensates for its use.

Regarding the use of bicycles to mitigate climate change, the actions are very concrete and much simpler than you may believe because you could start by going to work by bicycle or, going to the supermarket by bicycle, or between trips – short or long- whatever you do, always try to use the bicycle when possible.

What is the IPCC?

Now, some of you may wonder, what is that panel and why does it recommend cycling to mitigate the effects of climate change on our planet?

And the answer is simple, by riding a bicycle, you reduce your CO2 emission into the atmosphere to almost zero, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the United Nations body in charge of evaluating science related to climate change…

It was established by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Meteorological Organization in 1988 to provide policymakers with regular scientific assessments of climate change, its implications, and possible future risks.

Cycling can save the world book

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