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6 Actions to Take Before Your Bike Is Stolen : Honest Advice

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Actions to Take Before Your Bike Is Stolen

Even if you have the best lock, the fear of returning and not finding your bike is inevitable. The idea that it will be impossible to recover can be terrifying.

In this article, you will find six concrete actions that will help you recover your bicycle or at least give you some peace of mind by leaving it parked.

How to stop your bike from being stolen?

Here are six actions to take before your bike is stolen now…..

1. Request invoice or proof of purchase

If you buy your bike in a store, they have an obligation to give you an invoice that covers your purchase. This document will help you prove ownership of the bicycle if it is stolen, and you manage to find it.

If you buy a second-hand bike, make sure it is not stolen. Ask the person selling it for proof that it has not been stolen and to prove their ownership. You can ask for the original invoice or purchase receipt, as well as photos of the bike.

2.Write down the bike’s serial number.

This is a unique number that gives us data on the manufacture of a bicycle. But also, if a bike has been stolen, it will be helpful to recognize it even if it has been painted or parts changed. In addition to stamping their bikes with the serial number, some brands may also include a frame number.

This number is usually found stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket or centre axle or on the seat tube. This varies from brand to brand.

Either way, when buying a bike, be sure to locate this number and write it down. It may also be advisable to take a photo of it. So you can check that the bike is yours.

3. Take pictures with your bike.

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Whenever you have the opportunity, take a photo with your bike. In addition to the fact that they can be an excellent memory of the first ride with your new bike or a ride, they can also serve as proof that the cycle is yours.

Every time you change components or any modification you make to your bike, it is worth taking a photo. A good recommendation is that you take the picture with the bicycle.

4. Buy a good lock

A good lock will always give you a certain level of peace of mind. Some recommend investing 10% of the value of your bicycle in its security system.

The first thing you have to check before choosing a lock is its level of security. Any recognized brand will indicate the level (with its own classification) of protection in each of its locks.

Ideally, you are looking for Sold Secure certified padlocks (Gold, Silver, Bronze). In addition to certification, the Sold Secure system allows you to compare padlocks from different brands.

Meet our selection of the best bike locks. You will find Sold Secure Bicycle Gold and Silver certified folding u-locks, chains and padlocks in this list.

5. Register your bike

There are different systems in which you can register your bike. Many brands offer you the option of registering their bikes on their website. Usually, they will ask for the date and place of purchase and the serial number.

Alternatively, in some countries, there are open registries, or even citizens, in which you can register bicycles of any brand.

In case your bicycle has been stolen, you can indicate it in the said registry. In this way, anyone who is going to buy a bike can find out if the bicycle does not have a theft report. Mechanical workshops, shops and even authorities can access and check the status of registered bicycles.

6. Secure your bike

Bicycle insurance is becoming more and more common. When buying a new bicycle, you can check in the store if they offer any type of coverage or if they can recommend a company that can protect your bike.

Having insurance won’t make your bike safer, but it will give you peace of mind. If you lose your two-wheeler and don’t get her back, at least you won’t have lost your entire investment.

Final Verdict:

I hope this article on 6 Actions to Take Before Your Bike Is Stolen can help you. I feel like there’s probably more though! If you can imagine anything else, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list!

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